ExFront 003 [08​.​06​.​01]

from Expression Front by Loosebot



::[ the field of energy which provides the platform of creation may take infinite forms. however, some of them may be much harder to use and 'exploit' as base, resource or medium. power needs to be respected in any case. while working with it, while using it, while overcoming it. like nature. our history is history of dialogue with nature and power. it is a fact that most of us are still not ready to accept the eternity of power. although we still constantly provoke this field of infinetely mysterious and unknown knowledge hiding in the echoes of universe. ]::


from Expression Front, released June 16, 2001




Luka Prinčič Ljubljana, Slovenia

Noise, bass, beats and space. Luka Prinčič (ex Nova deViator) is an electronic musician, noise & media artist, engineer and dj traversing creative territories from deviant funk to sonic and time-based arts experiments.

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