ExFront 002 [07​.​06​.​01]

from Expression Front by Loosebot



::[ art form needs rhytm. rhytm becomes a medium. content of communcation is our sadness of everyday life. our dislocation of isolation even more far although we constantly reach back to get more contact. closeness of time and experience has to be removed. we construct mind conceptions of common high knowledge: everything is an illusion, but yet we don't realize trully how really unreal is "real" life. while changing points of view is oh! so easy, seeing those few absolute things is still an area of innocence and age of freedom. the only age. the only true life. the only true self. ]::


from Expression Front, released June 16, 2001




Luka Prinčič Ljubljana, Slovenia

Luka Prinčič is a computer musician, composer and media artist, traversing creative territories from deviant funk to sonic and time-based arts experiments. Founder of Kamizdat boutique CC netlabel.

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